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Maybe you’re on the ride of your life, and holding on so family doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Or, maybe it’s just (another) hard day, and you wonder if you’re doing enough – or are enough. Maybe you just can’t understand why your connection with your kids isn’t where it could be but you know an amazing family is possible. You know you’re made for your family, but not exactly sure how. You’re in the right place. A few years ago, I wondered the same things… read more



Coaching provides strategies and accountability to create life long change and family transformation.



Vikki is designing courses that lead, teach and inspire moms toward choices and practices of phenomenal families.



Vikki provides a momma bear perspective through the uses of original material, humor, and research.

Here’s the background to this anger Question and Answer video…. Moms often ask if I’ll take parenting questions. I’ve been really hesitant to take questions because what’s almost always true is that there’s so much more to the story... read more