They may or may not already be asking, “What do you want for Mother’s Day?”

I’m on my 18th – let me shorten  your learning curve…

They really do want to know what you want.

You really do need to want something good or else your mother and mother in law will take center stage. So you need something that’s ok with others having center stage.

On the slight chance they haven’t asked already 😉 and you still have time to figure out what you want, this post is for you… because if you don’t have a clue, or tell them “it doesn’t matter, anything is great” you’re getting some food in bed, and a kitchen to clean up – by 7am.

So! Let’s dream a little bigger this year, shall we?

So, even if you have to bring it up yourself, here are 10 things worth finding the courage to ask for.

10- To sleep in. This totally counts as a gift (NOT your only one, but add this in). YES you have to ask. YES you will get it and it will change your entire day.

9- What you do NOT want. If you do NOT want any form of breakfast delivered to you before 7am, let them know. If you do NOT want a diamond because money is tight this year, let them know (personally, I’ve never said those words, but it happens somewhere). If you do NOT want to clean the kitchen or make dinner on that day, let them know. Do I have your back or what?

8-Online Getaway -Find something you love online and jump in.

7- Something you just want Dig deep, we only get this holiday once a year. Do you want to eat lunch at a great new little place? Or just need the whole family to go see a movie together? Want to spend the day at a park or just an hour and have the day to yourself? How about a ride to no where with the music blaring? Or ring or necklace you’ve been eyeing? This is the time to ask!

6- Chocolate. The really good kind (whatever that is to you).

5-Something handmade – Just anything. To this day I ask Jordan for a handwritten letter. They are some of my prized pieces of paper. Some years are longer than others but every year offers me hope, love, and encouragement.

4-A picture of everyone together. Oddly enough, we’re either in the photo by ourselves or with the kids but never as a family. I wish I had more moments that captured this day of who we were at that time all together. Don’t forget to get a selfie with each kid – EVEN BETTER if everyone is still in jammies – it’s OK!

3-Gifts in your love language. First you have to figure out what that is. Then ask for what you most want? A special gift? Time with everyone? Words of encouragement? Someone to do your chores for a week? 😉 Tons of hugs and loves? By the way, if you said, “OOOOOH. THAT!” to any of the above, that’s your love language. 😉 Got your back!

2-Girls Getaway   Ask for a weekend away with your friends or by yourself and make new friends before next Mother’s Day. It’s like a rain check for fun. And I have an idea! Ask to join us at RESTORE!!

1-Saturday. It took me over a decade to figure this one out— Claim the Saturday before Mother’s day as yours. Whether it’s to take 3 hours to do whatever you want, or to make it YOUR Mother’s Day and not share it with grandmothers, mothers, and mother in laws, DO IT! Nothing to feel guilty about – there are usually no plans this day anyway! Ask away!

What am I getting this Mother’s Day?

Hopefully, a repeat of 2014. Jordan and I tool a 3.5 hour ride to our coast and spent the entire day at the beach. He bought me my favorite hot dog and best frozen custard in town and I DIDN’T EVEN ASK HIM TO PAY. The photo above is our first selfie we ever took together during this day. It was the first time I was in the single mom category and we just needed to have fun – and without regret or guilt, I headed to the beach.

With this being the last Mother’s Day I have him nearby, I especially can’t waste this one. And yes, I’m asking for a handwritten letter.

Apparently, my love language is time and words of affirmation (hey, if you have two, use two). 😉

But here’s the kicker – I’ve already asked so he can plan that time. We both know what to look forward to. The point is, Mother’s Day really is about us! Let’s let them meet us where we are, however we are, and let this day encourage and affirm all the hard work we’re doing.


PS– OMG I forgot to add my book. Get it for yourself or give my book to a girlfriend for Mother’s Day!!!! 

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