This week is a week of sending off soul children to college.

Jordan met Kait and Antonio this summer and since they were 18, and I was convinced they were going to make a bee line for the nearest party with my one and only son in tow, I wanted to at least say hello and stare them down.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, we met at a coffee shop and talked for 3 hours.

Who talks to a mom for 3 hours? In public?

Kait and Antonio.

In between everyone’s summer vacations, the three of them hung out, went to the mall, shopped for clothes, and talked. Although I tagged along in my mind, I tried to stay out of the picture except for the random bar of emergency chocolate or vegetarian pizza. But they kept coming to visit.

Truth is, they light up any room they walk into.

Their openness to life might find them in precarious situations, but their wit will get them out.

Kait and I have a standing hang-out over Christmas break — a Christmas animation movie marathon – all the Santa, Rudolph and Frosty we can fit into one glorious night.

There will be hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, and onesie jammies. Preferably with stripes.

Here’s the truth. Connecting with teens is a gift that they choose to give.

They have social media for pete’s sake they don’t need ADULTS. Yet, when they choose to engage, to share, to laugh, to listen – it’s like a butterfly that chooses to land on you. You can’t believe it, think of a  million ways to keep it, then poof! It’s gone.

Like Jordan, I just want to keep them home, feed them dinner, take their keys and say “JUST DON’T GROW UP. DON’T GO. AND JUST GO PLAY OUTSIDE. Look! Brownies!”And I can only imagine their moms volunteering to make the brownies so we can all keep them just a little longer. But we know what mommas know: this is the goal. Them taking on the world has always been the goal. That holding anything back cripples it, especially teens. And no one deserves that, particularly not these two.

So, we will go to a party to send them flying away strong, sparkly and so ready. I will bring a pocketful of extra strong paper towels in case I need to cover my entire face from crying. Make that two pocketfuls – moms might need some. My soul will be sending them off, but come Saturday, moms’ hearts will. There should be a whole line of chocolate, cards, and necklaces for moms who get to this point. But really, what would they say? “Please return my kid.”?

Besides, moms are very very good at keeping close at a distance, until they return. 😉

And something tells me when they come home on breaks, when they’re ready, they’ll return to land here again.


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