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So… less than a month.

And as I talk about in the video, it’s all getting very real.

I cover his plans and the fact that the windshield on his car got broken (because right now, cars are the undercurrent theme even though I’d rather they not be).

And I ALMOST cry but I don’t.

OMG. I will next time, I already know it. I do NOT want to cry.

But the truth is this.

I didn’t plan on emptying my nest alone.

I didn’t plan on him being gone so  much with jobs, and school, and friends.

I can’t stock enough food to entice him to be home.

I agreed to put our house on the market around graduation so I’m going through everything and then some trying to make sense of the life I had and the life I have and the life that’s coming.

And at the end of all the celebrating and packing and moving, he will be gone to California.

And it’s payback because I grew up in Connecticut and hauled my heiney out to North Carolina. And stayed.


It’s all as it should be. 😉


Vikki Spencer, M.Ed, Mom coach, speaker and author of Momifesto: 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms. Buy your copy from Amazon HERE. Momifesto