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This 115 Wednesdays is where I truly have NO idea what we’ll talk about.

My intent was to give a marker to this week, and ask Jordan for his side, since I’m often the one giving my side.

He discusses what it’s like to have deadlines, and decisions about colleges, and how he’s finding his rhythm to stay open and see what opens up for him.

Before you message me, please know this background.

I have been acutely aware that so many young men struggle SEVERELY their first year of college. It’s often because they are away from home and don’t have the internal structures required to navigate all the freedom at college.

I make no assumptions that Jordan is “better than” all the other young men I’ve seen. In fact, it’s because I have no idea what he wants to do that I’ve been more hands off than most moms.
YES it’s driven me crazy.

But it’s not my life.

And what I hope most of all is that you’ll see our connection, a bit of understanding, and some fun – because he will figure himself out this coming year. I just want to have our relationship intact when he gets there.


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