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I cannot believe we are finally here.

My mom’s famous one liners, the faces we all make, it’s truly just us riffing on moving forward with the perspective of 3 generations. It’s just before he graduates and we get to keep this moment in time.

So now what?

Now we have a summer, and I’m very aware that everything will really be a last. I already feel he’s fluttering and 1/2 a world away sometimes. It’s what every mom understands – we want their best even when it means we sacrifice in ways that we don’t know how to get through.

I wish I could express how proud/ tired/ amazed I am at this journey of being a mom. I know it doesn’t end here but it does change dramatically.

I’m rambling because I don’t have words right now… it’s all jumbled. More like feelings… like a thousand marigolds in a field in front of the Colorado Rockies… and the nightlife in a city at 11am… mixed with floating for 60 seconds on the dead sea and eating a hot fudge sundae to celebrate.

See? I really don’t have it in me to express it all.

Thank you. For reading and watching and joining. Treasure every moment wherever you are in the process. Let them go at every point possible. But be on standby for them to run back. 😉

With gratitude,


Oh gosh – here’s the video. Almost forgot.


Vikki Spencer, M. Ed., Mom coach, speaker and author of Momifesto: 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms. Buy your copy from Amazon HERE. Momifesto