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This is a part of a series where I’m letting go of Jordan. I used to say it was how many Wednesdays until he went to college… but it’s APRIL and he still hasn’t decided about college yet.

(silently trying to not pull hair out…I’m going to trust… I’m going to trust)

I really wanted to create a series of what it’s like to have a senior in high school.

What I’m realizing is how REALLY HARD it is to have a senior in high school and be honest about this week after week!!!

I’m intending to have very little influence or control over him, and allow him to think through the life he wants.

Otherwise? I create a power struggle.

Oh, and by the way – he’ll win because it is his life.

So, we’re talking below about what it looks like if he DOESN’T choose college and instead goes out to California on his own to figure out the industry he wants to work in.


It’s all about letting go of control and have to’s and trying to figure out how to support him as he makes really big adult sized decisions.

And there’s no road map! So, I hope you find some insight for your family to prepare for this year because I’m finding it’s a LOT like childbirth: no two stories are the same, there’s always surprises you didn’t expect, and you will get to the end but how long it takes, nobody knows. 😉 Put the music on and keep breathing….

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