2016 resolutions

WELCOME TO 2016 Resolutions!!!!

Wait. What resolutions?

I know, RIGHT????

Let me guess…you wanted to change how you’re eating, you changed how the family was eating and then there was a mutiny and somewhere it was easier to dish out ice cream than have to explain why there is no dessert.

You wanted to work out, you got up early ONE time then someone got sick and you’ve been up for 3 nights in a row holding heads over the toilet.


But we have goals, and plans and DREAMS!!!

We are not letting those go. We are going to hold onto them but it might look different than the form we know of as “resolutions”. Here are 5 other options to help focus your year and help you to not let go when everything is in flux with the family.

Word for the Year

This is incredibly popular right now. It’s simple, open ended and powerful. Yes, you can have up to 5 words for the year but no more… you know why? Because under stress the brain can only remember + or – 2 things. So, maybe 3 words. 😉 ANY word that you find or that comes to you just might be your word!

Photo for the Year

This one came to me this year because  I really wanted to do a resolution, but could not wrap my head around forcing a goal that wasn’t coming to me with ease. So, I kept remembering this image from my Facebook feed in early December and decided to use it as my photo for the year. Because this is a great year of change, the message and photo is powerful right now – hold on while letting go.

New Year Resolutions

photo credit : B. Pastore 2015

A Motto

Need a phrase to help you through any circumstance?  encourages you, or that reminds you of what you’re working on. A few years ago, I used “I’ll figure it out” all. year. long. You know what happened? Best year ever! AND my son began to catch on, repeating back to me more than once, “I thought you always say, ‘I’ll figure it out’ and so I’m going to.” Psst… in Momifesto, each chapter heading is a motto! (I require my sanity**I create a vision, not live in overwhelm*** I commit to unwavering connection, etc.)


Use a few concepts that are important to you and intentionally weave them into the year. Maybe consider “Connection” and/or “Finances” and/or “Health” as places to start.  Whenever you have a decision or choice to make, remember the values you chose for the year and let those guide the way. (Other options: Trust, Adventure, Faith, Balance, Kindness, etc.)

A Piece of Media You LOVE 

Sometimes a video, podcast, or some other piece of media sparks you to transform! Let it work it’s magic all year! The video below carried me for several months last year- and kept me LAUGHING!  This little girl was my companion to completely remind me to worry about myself and get very clear about any and all control issues I had. 😉 Yes, me.


Choose one or combine them OR do NONE of them and just let the year unfold!!!!!

Whatever happens, remember this. Changing our lives (as challenging as it can be with all we juggle) is a profound way to parent. In one fell resolution, we are teaching by example how to face a challenge, how to challenge ourselves, how to change our lives, that it’s ok to learn, it’s ok to ask for help, and we matter.


No book, no class will do as much for our family as our stepping into our best lives and moving forward.

If you want more help with any of this, comment below with a more specific question and I’ll jump in!


Vikki Spencer,
Mom coach, speaker  and author of Momifesto: 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms.

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