Hi! I'm Vikki

… and I’ve hesitated to call myself The Mom Whisperer.
Here's Why

11 Years Ago …

… my son was 8 years old, in the throes of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and Tourettes tics. My marriage was in pieces. I worked part time and quit to stay home to home school so we could help Jordan heal.

I was pretty convinced I caused everything he faced… and I was determined to help him.

One night after an exhausting search online to understand what we were dealing with, I said to myself, “I wish there was a mom whisperer. Someone who could just tell me how I’m made for this and haven’t messed everything up. Someone who understood and knew my strengths and could guide me through the chaos.”

Heh. I searched… And searched… None existed.

I decided to purchase themomwhisperer.com. Over time, I registered it as a trademark. I thought, “One day I’ll sell this to the amazing woman who encompasses all of these amazing traits… And then hire her to help me.”

It turns out … I didn’t need her.

I found my own internal Mom Whisperer, after all.
And now I help other struggling moms do the same.

Jordan went back to school after a year of being home.

He’s now 20, returning home from a gap year in the Los Angeles photography world. 

He’s going to college and still pursuing his dream of photography. 

 No OCD. No tics. Still my favorite person in the world.

Embracing The Mom Whisperer title now launches what’s left of my season of motherhood:

  • Hundreds of hours of coaching women who believed I could help them.
  • My book, Momifesto: 9 Practices of Phenomenal Moms.
  • Courses behind the scenes getting ready to come out.
  • A yearly retreat for a small number of women who are serious about shifting their life and their family to make it brilliant.

Finally, my dream is to own a Mom Retreat Ranch or at least teach at one.

I’m thinking: Lodge, single rooms, horses, tracks of optional classes, late breakfasts and free afternoons. No kids, spouses or pets allowed.

Maybe you’re on the ride of your life …

… and holding on so family doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Or, maybe it’s just (another) hard day, and you wonder if you’re doing enough – or are enough.
Maybe you just can’t understand why your connection with your kids isn’t where it could be but you know an amazing family is possible.
You know you’re made for your family, but not exactly sure how.

You’re in the right place.

I have a Master’s degree in Education, I taught high school, and am an Elite Certified Life Coach.

More than anything – I’ve been through what you’re going through right now, and together, we’ll get you back to happy, momma.

Resources to Regain Sanity

And Love Your Life

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