IMG_4487Advent Devotionals Day 22

“But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

Luke 2:19


In the Greek, ponder means, “To sit with and throw together, bring together, confer with oneself”. I love that concept. To think random thoughts and let them simmer….


What was Mary’s soul pondering?

The visit with the shepherds who came and told her of the Arnold Schwarzeneggar angels.
Their message.
The star.
Clear orders to visit the newborn King.

She was probably also pondering how they were going to make ends meet although trusting God fully.

Or pondering how to be a mom.

Or what to do when He cried.

Or finding ways to hold onto the first few days and weeks in her heart…
because the days ahead over the next 33 years would require that she not forget….
remembering that God told her His plan for Jesus’ life and to hold onto that plan.

So we too MUST ponder.
We must talk with ourselves, with our God, and hash and wrestle with and really soak in our being and understand the stage where our children are – whether they are newborns or teens. Here’s a helpful list of things.

IMG_3388 10 Things Every Mom Needs To Ponder This Holiday Season

1. What are the gifts and talents we see in each child?

2. What does a “normal” day look like right now?

3. Where do we see God working in their life/ lives?

4. What compliments have others spoken to us about our kids?

5. What piece of wisdom might each child benefit from right now where they are?

6. How does each child understand love?

7. What might be three things you envision for each child in 5-7 years in terms of character trait strengths? 

8. What is a verse or quote or image that most symbolizes where each child is in life right now?

9. What is each child’s greatest need?

10. What is each child teaching you individually and as a family?

I know the days are busy, the kids are loud, the list is winding down and gifts still call out to be wrapped. But ask these questions and ponder because they only have one mom, and no one else can give the answers that each of us only know.

In Great Joy, Vikki


Advent Devotionals Day 22