IMG_3388Advent Devotions for Moms Day 18

I’m just intrigued with the whole 80 mile journey to Bethlehem thing. Most preachers gloss over this. They went and she gave birth. But 16 years ago, I had a one month old by December and let me say, we are skipping a few things in scripture, for sure.

I mean, don’t you wonder what the conversations were like….


Dude to Joseph: Oh, how far along is your wife?


Joseph: 9 months.


(silence – because it’s a little awkward to journey with someone ready to give birth when you’re traveling by donkey in a caravan…)



Woman to Mary:  Do you wonder if it’s a boy or girl?


Mary: It’s a boy.


(silence – really? Ultrasound show you that?)


The people who know what they are about seem to be, sometimes, weird.


They have an inner generator that just keeps them moving one foot in front of another when others would NEVER do that.


But there are people who are called to befriend them. They are of the same “tribe”. They understand, relate, bless and walk with them if and until there comes a day where they can go no further.

Maybe our children are going through a time of being called to something or they struggle with finding their “tribe”. Be there and just listen – don’t judge, don’t explain, don’t give your opinion. Just listen. I bet that’s what Mary wanted.


Maybe we’re the ones doing something we’re called to do. When we are following God’s plan for us, and find ourselves in a desert place, who do we see around us? Who is there? It’s never “no one”. They may be under the radar or under acknowledged but even one person is there for us.


Conversely, who needs us? Who may be pursuing what they know to be God’s will for them, but are having a tough time of it? Who needs us to reach out and say “How far along are you? How can I help? “ without being afraid that we’ll be overwhelmed.

This holiday season, in the glimmer of it all, ask God to help you find your tribe or ask Him who needs to be brought into yours.

We are never alone.

In Great Joy, Vikki


Advent Devotions for Moms Day 18