Advent for moms(Advent Devotions for Moms)


The angel said to her,

“Fear not Mary, for you have found favor with God” – Luke 1:30


 Why Mary?


Mary hailed from the House of David, and from Nazareth which all the Old Testament prophecies foretold of the lineage of the coming Savior. 


But I always wondered – weren’t there any other young women in Nazareth who were humble, gentle, quiet, and would say “yes” to an angel?




Mary is special, but why HER?


 For several Advent seasons, I have read dictionaries and commentaries, touting how humble and receptive and Godly she was and she may have been but here is what I know:

It’s not about Mary.  It’s about grace.


 The word “favor” as above, in the original Greek is “Charis” which is “grace”= unmerited favor. 

It’s the “just because” clause of blessing.

Just because God delighted in Mary.

Not because of her greatness in any way, not because she was “enough” – humble enough, quiet enough, Godly enough, etc. These accolades would have to be given toward Mary because she achieved “enough-ness” instead of God for His favor. 


Grace made her enough for the task to which she was called.


Grace chose her for her calling, her blessing, her gift through her , our Advent– just because.


Let’s ask ourselves:

What is the thing we may be called to?

What is the thing we ask “why me?”

What is the favor we have received “just because”?

Instead of hiding, or questioning, we can apply grace.

Because God chose us – not because of our “enough-ness” but because of His favor.

In Joy, Vikki

Advent Devotions for Moms