Advent Devotions for Moms Day 4….

“For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37

The verse above is spoken by the Angel Gabriel when he/she/it visited Mary. It was the last thing spoken from the heavens.  With no more to negotiate or quesion, Mary’s response was, “Let it be to me according to your word.”

Is there any other response to “For with God nothing will be impossible”?

There are many ways to answer that, but before we do, let’s play a little with words – and this play will have profound meaning for the holiday this year.

I don’t know Greek, but I LOVE looking into this ancient language to get a little clearer on the meaning of what the concept is… and this one is a doozy…

God= Theos – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – all in one.

Nothing = 3 words – ou (none), pas(every individual thing), rhema (that which is or has been uttered by the living voice, thing spoken, word)

Shall be impossible = shall be impossible (hey, sometimes it’s obvious… ).

With God, nothing that is spoken, uttered by the living voice shall be impossible.

I’m not going to get into debates, theological arguments, etc.  I don’t need to – it’s in the Greek already.

I think we each need to sort for ourselves this truth: words have power.

Words that God speaks to us at 3:14 am…

Words that we speak to and over our children have power…

Words that we speak to ourselves day in and day out that we would never use with another have power….

Words that others speak to us…

All words offer profound power in the presence of God.

This season,

this short,

sacred season,

shift your awareness from everything that is loud

to everything that has power.

From the loud music, the blinking lights, the clamoring for attention,

to the words in songs, the words of the clamoring, the words we use to respond.

Let’s just begin to notice…. and wield wisely.

With Great Joy – Vikki

Advent Devotions for Moms – Day 4