Advent Devotions  for Moms Day 16


Words for Meditation

because really long journeys in the desert deserve respect, honor, and time for our hearts to catch up.

The spaces are deliberately long. Take a breath and make a prayer before the next line.

May you find yourself in between the spaces and the words intended to honor Mary, Joseph, and your own desert places.


The journey.





Wishing it was shorter.





Are we there yet?






What’s the plan?







What’s for dinner?







Just one step.







One sandy, unsure, sinking step at a time.






Each step… it’s own prayer of surrendered commitment.






Each unknown accepted.






Praying under stars.








Laughing with  friends.








Sleepless nights wondering “now what?”








Telling God “I’m still all in.”









Trusting Him to show up again tomorrow.









And the next day after that.









Waiting but stepping.









Toward destiny.









But it feels like nowhere.








But each step is exactly the answer to every question.








Keep stepping.



with joy, Vikki

Advent Devotions for Moms Day 16