Advent Devotions for Moms Day 17

When is the journey enough?

When was Mary’s journey’s “enough”?

Was it when she visited with the Angel, hung out with Elizabeth, and allowed Joseph to wrestle with her news? Total of 20 brownie points for each.

How about those 9 months before they made the trip to Bethlehem? Would we have given her brownie points before then? Of course! (How does 10 points sound?)

Was it enough when she rode 20 miles the first day of four days? Yes. (20 points for each day)

Was it enough when she got to the inn only to end up in the stable? Absolutely. (10 points)

One of the most overlooked lessons in the nativity story is the “enough” factor…. and where God fits in to our being enough. If Mary earned 60 “fair enough” points for pregnancy for the Savior of the world – how many points do we need to earn?


Mary had nothing to prove. She was literally, along for the ride. She didn’t consider “quitting” because she was given everything she needed. Every step of every day was “enough”. No points, no tally, no lack.

Oh how we need this lesson to soak into our holiday worn skin.

Is it enough that we hugged children today and chose to not yell? Or if we did get angry that we apologized? Or that we actually made dinner when all we wanted were freshly frosted sugar cookies? Or that lunches aren’t made, and foreheads not kissed goodnight yet – when is it “enough”?

Or how about that we are suffering in some way – depression, cabin fever trapped with the littles for day 5, anxious about money – does any of this disqualify us from being “enough”?  It may be easier to think of others as not being disqualified but holding ourselves to a different standard. They are totally enough in all those cases, but us – not so much.

Or what if we today, we just didn’t. Or couldn’t. STILL enough? Absolutely.  For our girlfriends – and for us.

You and I are enough. Nothing to earn. Nothing makes us “better” moms. Nothing makes us “horrible”.

We can go to bed early, say “I cannot”, ask someone else to do a few chores, AND (not “or”) say “I have nothing to prove. I’m done right now. I’m favored and loved,” and it would not begin to stretch the truth about us – NOR be prideful.

God did not leave us lacking, as He did not leave Mary lacking.

Everything changes when we believe it, and make choices on our behalf. We may need to agree to a donkey ride along the way, but even that only lasts 20 miles and gets us where we are most called to be. We are, in ways similar but maybe not as grand as Mary, called, favored, chosen, loved, and “enough”.

Brownie points to all and to all a goodnight!

In Great Joy, Vikki

Advent Devotions for Moms Day 17