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Advent Devotions for Moms Day 8

Mary stayed

           with Elizabeth

                      about three months

and then she went back to her own home. Luke 1:56


Mary remained.

She stayed.

Interestingly enough, other translations of the word are “to continue to be present”, and “to be held, kept, continually”.  (Proof here 😉 )

Mary, with Jesus in her, stayed in the presence of one who was further along in her pregnancy. While this is incredibly practical, and we all can imagine the help she provided, the conversations they had, the meals cooked and floors swept, we can also understand the company they kept each other.

And I ask – really?

Why did they need to keep each other company? Weren’t angels and dreams and miraculous pregnancies enough?

I mean, they had John the Baptist and Jesus in each of them, closer to God (Yahweh) then anyone else on the face of the planet – and they needed each other??

Let that sink in.

Let’s stop expecting that since we’re believers and “have Jesus” that we don’t/ shouldn’t/ feel guilty/ ashamed of being “weak”/ that we need each other.

We need to make the time to travel to someone’s house who may be further along in a life situation than we are and spend face to face time with them. Do it. And bring cookies.

We need to look back and see if anyone could use an invite for same batch of cookies and see if they need company. Yes, they do.

We need to say “yes” to pursuing women ahead of us with similar dreams and reach out and say “can I ask you something?” And ask away at the thing that will help us leap us forward three months in knowledge.

We need to “hold space” for each other . This is where one person just lets another person “be”, and take breaths when they need to or just ramble. And then we respond with total acceptance, kindness, compassion. Not advice, criticism, or challenges – just “holding, keeping continually, being present. ” That act of selflessness changes people’s souls, callings and destinies.

When we are present continually for others – especially our kids – the spark of God in them expands just a little more because there’s less anxiety, less fear, less perceived rejection. They become.

Hold space. Stay. Accept.

In Joy, Vikki


Advent Devotions for Moms Day 8