DSC03412Advent Devotions for Moms Day 9

Mary stayed with Elizabeth about three months and then she went back to her own home. Luke 1:56

Mary had a visitation by an angel who told her she would bring forth a child   and that He would be the Savior of the world. Then Mary went to Elizabeth’s for three months. Then she went home.

I wonder how she was greeted?

I wonder how she told her parents – or did she do that before she got to Elizabeth’s?

Or did she get sent away to Elizabeth’s? Or did she run away?

Home for many of us, especially during the holidays, is charged with conflicting memories, long forgotten wars unsettled, points to prove, and emotional static.  But from this account in the Nativity story, Mary went back home.
I don’t believe it was the place she gained her strength or clarity or answers – that was with Elizabeth.

I don’t believe it was the place that was celebrating her at that moment (we NEVER hear of her parents).

It wasn’t her spiritual home, it was her physical one.

We all have a spiritual home, with women (maybe even relatives) that love and understand us, and we have a physical place – where we get to play out everything we just received spiritually.

Mary offered her certainty, her openness, and her fearlessness of being judged. Okay, maybe she was a little afraid, but after an angel and a leaping baby affirming your journey, I’m not sure you ever derail in heart.

My point is this: I don’t think Mary went home for support.

She went home walking in obedience, in “the next thing” , in the journey she was shown, allowing it to play out, as she trusted God to show up and take care of her as His servant.

This holiday season, when we go home, let’s not go needing, asking, wanting, seeking.

Let’s go to give.

Let’s go wholeheartedly.

If we have news we’ll be sharing, let’s let it fall as it needs to, just like Mary did with Joseph while he worked out his own plans.

Let’s go with generosity  and not make it about money.

If people come to our homes, let’s bless them with acceptance. We don’t know the burdens or fears they carry.

If our children are returning from college, let’s welcome them, and listen, not adding, judging, or asking questions to prove a point.

Let’s keep a candle burning to remind us that the flame we offer them is the one that keeps them warm when they leave.

Regardless if we are the ones going home, or having others come to ours, let’s allow our spiritual path, the support we have received from others, and with great love inside of us roll off our tongues and hearts toward others.

Regardless of the physical presents we bring home, our presence is the most powerful one we share.

Yes to Home.

In Joy – (but not going home myself this year, just being in my own), Vikki


Advent Devotions for Moms Day 9