I think what the world needs most is stories. They inspire, inform and teach in ways that book knowledge just can’t.

I’ve been selected to share my story on Dr. Sweta Chawla’s Big World Summit: Keeping the Faith After the Leap Towards Your Bigger Life.

And it’s FREE!!!

You can register here, then I’ll keep bantering about it. 😉


  • Have you taken a huge leap in your life, and now you’re freaking out?
  • Has the liberation and excitement worn off, leaving you in a puddle of panic?
  • Do you go back and forth between feeling really great about your decision and then wonder if you made the wrong choice?

I’m really proud to be part of this event where I get to offer you support through my personal story of living life on my own terms (okay, with a spiritual twist, of course)  and dealing with all the challenges that come up with following my truth.

When you are in the midst of change there isn’t a lot of support for the middle of the journey, but my friend Dr. Sweta knew there was a need to support you all and she gathered up 12 experts that have made BIG leaps and “broken through to the other side.” Join us for:

THE MAKE YOUR WORLD BIGGER TELESUMMIT SERIES: Keeping the Faith After the Leap towards your Bigger Life

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These Interviews will give you what you need to deal with the fear, panic, and anxiety that come up with living BIG and show you that you are indeed, on the right track.

Don’t hang alone anymore when there are people out there to give you inspiration, encouragement and teach you from their own experiences to make your transformation quicker and smoother Register Here

Miracles are waiting on the other side of your strength. Hang in there and take advantage of this rare opportunity to connect with me and so many others that get you, root for you, and want to help you live the extraordinary life you are meant to.

My interview story is tomorrow – Oct. 20th so sign up and listen in!


Vikki Spencer,

The Mom Whisperer and Mom Coach