Brave Girl University is an on-demand online learning hub where world class writers, teachers, artists, coaches and creatives are offering their classes for ONE flat fee! (JOIN US!)


I wish I could tell you how many Brave Girl’s Club emails I’ve read over the past 3 years… how many classes I’ve taken, and the posters in my office space that encourage me daily.

So when Melody Ross (owner of Brave Girls Club) messaged me on Facebook to JOIN Brave Girl University and offer a class, I walked away from the computer in tears.

What in the world could I offer that would even come close to the caliber of what Brave Girl’s has given to me? What’s even close? Then my brave girl soul kicked in. 😉

I remembered I had one (4 week) course- Seconds to Mom Sanity-  that I offered last year for $79 that I could offer at the University !!! It needed a few videos but it was the heart of so much that I believed in. It met Melody’s request that it be an offering from our souls and love, and not just facts. .  (JOIN US!!!!)

My course alone is worth $79 (before I made videos!). I can’t imagine the value of this when you add in nearly 40 other teachers  (I personally know at least 10 others) who are gifted, wise and open hearted, I want to wholeheartedly recommend JOINING US for

ONE FLAT FEE OF $25/ month!!!!!!!


If you’re up at 12am and just need to access a teacher’s course, she’s right there! If you want to learn an art technique, a new way of writing, or how to find your sanity in seconds 😉 it’s at your own pace, at your own time.

Truth be told- a bunch of us teachers have retreated together, collaborated on projects before, have successful websites, and are like soul sisters. Brave Girl University is a coming together of the most amazing women I know who are all working in intuitive, spiritual, authentic ways to move in the world to love, encourage, and share their gifts. It’s a complete honor to be named among them.

The request for you to JOIN US is a warm heartfelt offering from a soulful tribe who are coming together in one place to join forces and love the world.

Besides, you belong here.


Brave Girl University is an online, on demand learning environment that offers classes from world known artists, writers, teachers and coaches for a flat fee of $25. Join us!