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UGH! Conflict with a teen!

This was a week where conflict was inevitable.

As I discuss in the video Jordan is going through a stage called Individuation. Long story short, he’s pulling away from me, and conflict is one of the ways that happens.

And, I’ve been around and seen enough teens to know they create this conflict out of nothing.

If you say yes, they say no. You say red, they say blue. You say something that you thought would smooth things over, they go nuts.

It’s never personal.

And this week it happened Every. Single. Day.

This is why it’s getting a 115 Wednesday post. Because it EXHAUSTED me.

But we got through it- every day I navigated the exact way I share above. It’s a quick version of the conflict resolution we’ve practiced since Jr. High. It works nearly every time – but it requires a little breathing room and regrouping.

I hope you find this encouraging and maybe a little bit of what can work for you as you sort out conflict with a teen in your home.




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