Fire And Love:
The Mom Anger Course

Moms face Frustration  parenting kids who won’t listen. AND, Overwhelm. AND Guilt – because what if we’re not being or doing enough??

You are not too much.

You are not failing.

You know self help inside out – so why has motherhood thrown you for a loop?

You have kids ages 2-19.

You need a path and some concepts to make mothering your own road.

You need answers and room to try and fail.

You need to dream and believe the family life you most want is possible in all it’s messy beautiful iterations getting there.

You need options besides anger and frustration.

And you need a few boundaries but not sure how to get there.

All that without causing more chaos as you shift everything.


Come Join us In Fire & Love: The Mom Anger Course


  • What to do with frustration before you yell
  • How to parent YOUR kid
  • How to connect really well so anger is minimal
  • What to do when you’ve blown it (and yelled)

What You Get:

1)  Videos:

  1. Welcome
  2. How We Learn
  3. How We Started In the World
  4. The Mom Ego
  5. What to do About The Mom Ego
  6. Who Our Kids Are
  7. How and When Our Kids Develop
  8. How to Discipline Our Kids Options
  9. How to Discipline Our Kids Options Part 2
  10. The Process of Changing Your Family
  11. Steps for Handling Our Anger
  12. Apology: The Only Way Back In
  13. Final Encouragement

Value: $99

2) 12 Audios

3) Zoom Calls 

  • 4 live calls to get your questions answered. Recorded for later listening.

4) 7 Day Mom Anger Challenge PDF

  • to help shift everything this week.

Limit 20 People! 


This is the No Regrets, I’ve Done All I Can Do course! 

Weekly-ish Encouragement For You, Mom!

Encouragment, parenting ideas, and first dibs on retreats and courses. And right now, a 7 Day Mom Anger Challenge to change frustration into power one day at a time!