A few years ago, Amiee Mueller and I were in a business conference together. Amidst all the men, we encouraged each other, laughed and ate meals with or near each other. Aimee was at a lunch table of men when I ran through my  my Mom Talk.  They sat there, Aimee cheered me on.  Then an hour later, I gave in front of 1000 people. She’s like that – encouraging, cheering, and super smart.

When we left, she went back to run her company of 100+ people – and write a book.  She sent me a copy of the book and a note to touch base. It’s a collection of facts, stats, high level performance concepts, stories of how others have used this AND her own story of growing up and succeeding in the face of adversity. Geez. As I’ve been reading it, I realize it’s a KILLER book for us.

Here are some snippets:

“… being in alignment with one’s self identity is a strong driving force in a person’s decision making. Even a person’s values and beliefs will be secondary to it.” (p. 83)  (Think: how are WE making decisions and what are WE thinking about ourselves when we make them? THEN how are we raising kids to think of themselves – because that’s where they’ll be making decisions from.)

“Some experts believe all communication begins as intrapersonal communication defined as communication for which the sender and receiver are the SAME PERSON. Many of us don’t realize we’re doing it, but each thought that passes through our minds is a form of self-talk.” (p. 133) (Think: How is my self-talk sounding????)

“Look for the lesson in the failure.” (p. 149) (Omg. If we did this and modeled it for our kids, so much would change just because of this line.)

Destination Awesome: Get The Life You Want Even If You Have to Beat the Odds might be one of the more interesting books that influences how you want to do family by helping you think through all the ways you define awesome.

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