Welcome to Day 3!!

Today I’m sharing the best I have to offer.

The incomparable Brave Girls University and I have teamed up and they are hosting my course: Seconds to Sanity.

It’s 4.9 hours of audios with video intros on topics like mom guilt, passion, legacy, anger. It can be found no where else except at BGU.

The first class in the series is called: Guilt, Time, and Balance. It’s a strong start to tweaking or changing family life.

I have special permission to allow you to download this classHERE!!  (ignore the error message and download anyway)


If you want to hear the other 3 classes, you can do so FREE FOR 30 DAYS*. RIGHT HERE! , Use coupon code “vikkispencer” and YOU ARE IN!*

The other classes you’ll be listening to are: 

Money, Happiness, and the Myth of Hot Baths

Self-care, Anger, and Communication

Passion, Purpose, Values and Legacy

Thank you for joining me for 3 Days of Mother’s Day!!

XO! –Vikki

PS – Did you miss the other 2 days? They are still available on the blog- scroll down! 🙂 *if you need longer than 30 days, you can stay on for just 4 lattes or $24.95 a month. But if you cancel before Day 29- you are charged nothing. Free is free. 😉