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Working as a Mom

At some point, we toss around ideas about going back to work and/or bringing in an income to help the family out.

There is no “right” or “wrong” on this – we’re all very different and have variables that factor in to the decision.
But making money is on the minds of most moms.
So, let me give a few thoughts here.

1) Entrepreneuring
(Just read on before you say “that’s not me”. 😉 )
— Do you have an idea or item or skill that you would like to share with others?
— Do you have 1-3 hours a day you could give to developing this into a business?
— Do you have support from your spouse or family to not require you to make money for a year or so as you get this off the ground?
— Do you just want to be home for your kid(s)?

If so, you may fall into this category!
Here is a podcast I did for an awesome website from Allison Dalton called ReIgnite!

      Click here to listen

I share how The Mom Whisperer began and some nuggets of advice I have for moms considering a start up business in lieu of going back to work. Allison’s vision is to inspire entrepreneurial moms and has some terrific freebie goodies if you sign up for her email list here, so consider that as well!

2) Back to Work – Full or Part-Time
— Are you in need of another income fairly quickly?
— Can your salary (or commission) cover child care and other expenses of going back to work?
— Do you need additional training or are your skills still within 3-5 years of use?
— Do you need a break from the kid(s) (hey, no judgement!) or are they old enough for you to move forward with your career?

If so, you may fall into this category!
Click here for a very helpful link for amazing resumes.
Photos and links to templates so your resume info and work history looks top notch!

If this is finds you in the throes of making this sometimes tough decision, consider contacting me for a few coaching sessions to sort yourself. Very often within 2-3 sessions, moms find clear direction and next steps (with family support!) Fill out the contact form in the “About” section.

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Feel free to share with friends who may need a little encouragement or resources as they navigate this transition. Sometimes we just need one question or thought to send us on the path we most need to be on.

🙂 Vikki