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Gratitude Practice. The elusive “should” on the top of every list.

But we don’t always understand it, know how to make it happen, or practice it – especially during the hectic holidays (which is when we need it the most).

So I’ve found 4 articles that you can look over in the next 4 days and learn everything you need to know so you can start changing¬† your family.

Why do I say that?

Because I’ve never met a grateful family – unless there’s been great loss or tragedy. I believe we need to have grateful families and kids well before loss or tragedy strikes.

When we model gratitude, they model it.

One time, I talked with a mom who was so frustrated with her daughter’s lack of gratitude, she made her buy gifts for everyone for Christmas and shorted her gifts so she’d learn a lesson.

And what this girl learned was anything but how to be grateful.

Truth be told- mom didn’t have a gratitude practice. Everything is easier “caught” then “taught”.

Truth is, we have weird concepts about it. We think we should volunteer but it kills our already cramped schedule – and we’re STILL not grateful. Ugh.

A few years ago I took happiness very seriously and in that journey, I bumped into gratitude. I don’t practice it perfectly, but in the toughest times, I lean on it as a go-to practice to help me float instead of sink.

IT’S OK that we do not always know how to practice it, recognize the lack of it in our kids, and have no clue where to start. It’s not ok to stay there.

So, check out these brief, insightful articles out then do me a favor (below).

What is gratitude?

The Neuroscience of Why Gratitude Makes Us Healthier

Why Gratitude is Good

10 Ways to Become More Grateful

Here’s what I ask – at the end of each article, ask yourself what’s the one gold nugget of gratitude I learned? Just one nugget. Then do it for one day.

At the end of 4 days, commit to one nugget for an entire week. On the days you think it doesn’t matter at all are the days you’re changing your soul and your family.

Pinky promise.

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