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If you found this page, you are reading Momifesto: A Manifesto of 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms!!!!!

(and if you’re not, then don’t go any further until you get your copy HERE!!! )

Here is the link:    Click HERE for the intake form!

It’s strongly modeled after the exact form professional business coaches give to their corporate clients! So it really is a completely different way to think about home life – but it’s a profoundly empowering way to think about our roles as moms. We can fairly easily find the strengths to leverage and where the places are where  a new concept is needed.

I’ve learned over the years that it’s a fairly intimidating, but ENLIGHTENING AND FABULOUS place to start  – because acknowledging and being clear on our lives, helps us to focus and create change faster than you can imagine.

SO! Print it out and try it for yourself. Fill it out before and after reading to see how far you’ve come in considering what needs to give and what already rocks in your life and home!

Feel free to talk about the intake form on this post here – loved it, hated it, or have no clue where to begin. Questions are welcome!


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