We all need a really safe place to just be.

Sometimes that’s a few minutes in our bedroom before we go to bed (door locked). Other times, it’s in nature taking a few deep breaths.

Sometimes, my safe place has been online, searching to find mom courses that might teach me something or taking a random art course (my soul wears glasses). Somewhere where I can sit and be – with the full excuse that I’m “learning” and can have some private space. It makes me feel productive so it “counts” (mom courses aren’t exactly everywhere…)

Ultimately, wherever it is, the point of a really safe space is to find a way to return to your self. Be able to hear your soul again. Sometimes unexpected mom courses can help you find your way back to yourself.

I’ve just peeked behind the scenes at Brave Girls University. I want you consider that this resource just may be your really safe space – when you need it.

Although I could tout my course (Seconds to Mom Sanity) as a perk, I just found out about the other courses and teachers and let me just say this. I may be a teacher at BGU, but I’m SO taking courses.


Here are some other teachers and courses just for starters:
Jen Lee – “Care and Keeping of Creative Souls”
Melsha Shay- “Creating Space for Authenticity”
Maya Stein and Amy Tingle – soulful writing courses
Kelly Lish – Home DIY for the HOLIDAYS
Maria Simpson – Health, Nutrition and Fitness
and there are about 50 more.

If you are starting this school year off a bit scattered, and decluttering is your highest goal, consider taking mom courses. Choose one of many mom courses that makes sense for you when you most need it. I’m asking that you seriously consider joining a tribe of soulful women who are offering spaces for you to come, feel safe and find yourself.
Classes start on September 1

Click here to sign up for the mom courses that make the most sense for you. (Cost: about 5 lattes with whip)