I want to invite you to the Moms Making Memories Summit!!!

So many of us want to spend more quality time with their kids without changing their busy schedule. We want it all.

You might have already heard about this inspirational online event with Elizabeth Ruth. What you might not have heard is that a special invitation has been given to me to partner with her on this event.

This unique online summit offers moms all over the world to come together and win. Win with time, win with self-care and win with making a lifetime of memories with their children. All while maintaining a busy schedule!

We lead hectic lifestyles and go to bed each night feeling guilty and unbalanced in their role.

We take on daily stressors and emotions and are left feeling exhausted and sometimes unprepared for the next day.

Most of the time, when we do find a break, the last thing on her mind is to take time for herself with a bubble bath, a yoga session, or even a jog around the block. Or, her idea of spending time with her children revolves around an extravagant activity or trip that just can’t happen with her level of exhaustion. Ultimately, these thoughts lead to “Mom Guilt” and the vicious cycle begins.

If any of this resonates with you, keep reading.

Learn more about the Moms Making Memories Summit! [Here]

What if there was another way?

* To finally feel that you are creating lasting memories and spending time present and in the moment with your children without spending an arm and a leg
* To rest in knowing that you can promote self-care to your children and include them in the process of learning the benefits and importance of putting yourself first
* To make your life have meaning in your role

Well, now… there is, and it won’t cost you a thing!

Register now for the Moms Making Memories Summit! [here]

Elizabeth found the TOP people to speak on this subject and I’m happy to say I am one of them.

And I’m bringing a FREEBIE along!

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But you’ll have to join us to get it!

🙂 and BTW, I’m in AMAZING company!!!! Experts from around the globe are joining us!

Like I said, this is a unique online event. And, I haven’t seen anything quite like this. I invite you and any other Moms in your life to join us. You’ve got to check it out!

Click Here to register for the Moms Making Memories Summit and start living your life as Mom, without the “Mom Guilt.”

See you THERE!!

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