2019 Retreat: Restore

Nags Head, North Carolina Oct. 18-21

After 20 years…

Of taking a weekend away to listen to my life,

I want to invite you to a powerful life refresh.

Here’s What I Know for Sure…

When a woman has some rest, salt air, a few friends, and some quiet,

Nearly every answer she ever needed becomes very clear.

She finds her internal compass and voice.

She rediscovers who she is and returns to her world authentic and empowered.

She finds grace and ease anew, and returns home to bless, rejuvenate and love her whole life.

This Happens Through…

Mini workshops,

Vision book fun,

New friends finding each other

Lots of community and/or solitude

Evening fires (weather permitting)

Time to sleep in, take naps, long walks in nature

Scavenger Hunts,  telling stories, listening deeply

Dinners on your own so you have time to hang out with new friends or process what you’re feeling/ learning

Breakfast and lunch included. Linens provided.

All designed to guide you to back to who you knew you were, and believed you could be.

 Let Your Life Breathe… Start Here

I want you to join me and a small group of women who are showing up to their lives to pay attention again to their own truths, stories, and inner knowings.

You In?

Accomodations are in a 2017 Parade of Homes luxury home on the ocean.

It has 8 bedrooms available.

Shared Room
(2 in a Room)




Private Room
(with en suite bathroom)






Day Rate Only

If you arrange an Airbnb OR have a friend in the area, come join us!

Price includes all workshops, meals, and materials!




50% refund until August 15th.
After that date, no refund but you can transfer to a friend!

I had the best time at the Mom Whisperer’s Refresh Retreat. The accommodations were amazing with a hot tub and the ocean just out the back door. But even better were the teaching times that Vikki facilitated. These gave me the emotional space to think through my top three issues and come up with practical ideas to make changes that are still in place. Leslie W., North Carolina

The 2017 Retreat awarded me many “resets”- a chance to be who I am without my child, my husband, the weight of my home responsibilities and job. I took a moment to reflect on who I was before I became a mother and in that moment realized that I am still that person……just a bit more stretched (figuratively and literally! Ha ha!). I can find my passion once again and those pieces of me are coming back together. The perspectives offered through our sessions together were empowering, awakening and fulfilling to my soul. I carry the memory of the beautiful night sky by the crackling fire, ocean side…..ahhhh, take me back! I am most grateful for the “forced” moments of quite. Those were priceless, needed and recharging. I was worth this trip and I will be back! Jennifer L, North Carolina

Tentative Schedule

This schedule is intentionally crafted around a model that includes times of taking in, giving, listening, and receiving. 

  • Early add on – 2pm check in!
  • 3:30pm – 8:30pm check in and settle in  
  • 9pm – Welcome
  • 7am-10am – Breakfast
  • 10-11 – Session 1 : Rediscovering Who We Are (without our roles)
  • 11-12pm – Session 2:  Passion and Purpose: Living Our Truth without Blowing Up Our Lives
  • 12-1pm – Lunch
  • 1-3pm – Session 3 : Control vs. Connection (with ourselves and others)
  • 3-6pm – “Free time” with a purpose… (choice of assignments and practices to deepen personal work)
  • 6-7 – Dinner
  • 7-9pm – Firepit Circle (weather permitting) : Forgiving
  • 6am-10am – Breakfast
  • 10-11 – Session 1 : Anger and The Secrets it Holds
  • 11-12 – Session 2:  Our True Selves Beyond Shame and Guilt
  • 12-1 – Lunch
  • 1-3 – Session 3:  The Art of Surrender 3-6 – “Free time” with a purpose… (choice of assignments and practices to deepen personal work)
  • 6-7 – Dinner
  • 7-9pm – Firepit Circle (weather permitting) Stories and Sunset
  • 6-9 am – Breakfast
  • 9-10:30 – Final Circles and Blessing
  • 10:30 to 12:00 – Packing and Parting
  • Late departures leave at 2:00
  • We will do at least one Vision Book project, and other hands on art to be determined.

Are You Ready to Feel Refreshed?


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