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My son made the video with me and it’s technically amazing but soooo not perfect on my end!! But it IS a perfect way to invite you from my home to yours to ask you to join us!

Several years ago, I wanted that book or course that would factor in my gifts, talents, and strengths. I was in the thick of chaos in my family and of course, nothing fit.

I ultimately discovered the gift in life when everything falls apart. It’s often then that we get to place the pieces back where they need to be.

It’s a miracle that my son and I made this video because 8 years ago I didn’t think it would have been  possible.

I believe we can find our pieces and learn where to put them.

I believe moms are infinite resources for everyone, including for themselves.

I believe once moms understand their choices and options and expand their dream for themselves and their families, miracles happen.

Over the past five years, I’ve helped clients put their pieces of san200688_196468700377383_6925106_nity back together, and this is the course I’ve ALWAYS wanted moms to have before they ever hired me. EVERYTHING I’ve spent years going over with clients is addressed in this four week-change-your-life course! It’s all the things I’ve said to nearly every client in some form.

Not only is SANITY seconds away but so is an amazing family life, top notch parenting and strategies for communication, calming your own anger, finding money, and understanding how our sanity impacts our children.

Whether you have toddlers, tweens or teens, this is the essential mom course answering questions most moms have been asking! This is the no holds barred course to help you do the following:


Week 1: Sanity Foundations: Truths that Save Families

Confront mom guilt – about self-care, about disciplining, about everything! Then, we’ll smash several myths about time and balance. We’ll inhale FIVE life giving concepts that no one is talking about when it comes to families and why we can’t be sane without them. Master like a ninja personal time away from the family in a way that works EVERY time for your situation!

 "Vikki has helped me in so many ways with my life!" - Heather, NC

Week 2: Sanity and Money: Savvy Steps to Funding Bliss

Around the world, across cultures, women peak in happiness around age 37 and decline from there. Men, continue their happiness climb (no kidding!) I can tell you that baths and coffee shops aren’t making us happy. In this session, discover YOUR personal bliss, what’s waaaaay better than a hot bath, and RIDICULOUSLY COOL places to find money!

(While I can’t make any promises or claims, my goal in this session is for you to learn things that will pay for this course! Not to mention all the FUTURE ways you’ll use this newly found money! )

Week 3: Anger and Communication – Get What You Want Without Getting Pissed Off

As a recovering angry mom, this is one of my favorite classes! We discuss how sanity and self-care play a HUGE role in anger, relationships and communication – the good, the bad, and the very phenomenal possibilities that await you! Learn and practice TOP NOTCH communication strategies even amidst conflict that will change how you see EVERY interaction you have – especially with the kids! Can you say FEARLESS CONNECTION???

Week 4: The Destiny and Legacy of Sanity

When we take our sanity and self-care seriously, we change not only our present, but also our children’s futures. This session will feature discovering our passions and purpose and actions that create a lasting legacy through upcoming generations. We’ll talk about strategies for finding YOUR passions, purpose and how that will shift family life- for the better! Be the mom they talk about and aspire to be for GENERATIONS TO COME! (yes, YOU!)

"I don't know what I would have done without you!" Kim, AR

JOIN US!!!! : Over the phone for 60 minutes on Tuesday nights starting March 25th.

Investment: $79

COOL BONUS 1 : MP3 recordings of the calls so you can play them back later. If you can’t make the call, you miss out on nothing! Or, if you wanted to hear a concept again, it’s all yours to listen to forever! (Value: $99)

COOL BONUS 2: Whitepaper: 9 Ways to Make Every Family Vacation Yours Too! Never again spend hundreds (thousands??) of dollars on a vacation and come back exhausted and depleted. This paper will give you solid strategies to make the family vacation yours too! (Value: $75)

COOL BONUS 3: Once a week you can ask any question via email. Questions will be answered in class the following week. Only coaching clients have this access! (Value $99)

******BONUS VALUE: Over $199********


  Just add their name and email in the notes/memo section of the invoice  or send it directly to me at Vikki(at)

“Because of you, I have a relationship with my son that I can count on.”- Rita, NC


If you do not find the information in this class strategic, hopeful, and action oriented, you can have a full refund within 12 hours after the first class. Email me or contact me through my contact page on the website, explain your difficulty or , and your money will be fully refunded within 2 days of your request! Besides, you know where I live.

NO CANCELLATIONS BEFORE CLASS STARTS! C’mon! Try it out before you decide you can’t/ won’t/ shouldn’t/ changed-my-mind.