mom retreat

It’s the SUMMER!!!!!! I want you and I both sane, so here are some posts I want you to check out this

___ Jordan is graduating high school salutatorian of his class, chess champ of the high school, and won the Entrepreneurship for the Arts scholarship. Here’s his graduation speech (I have no idea where he gets it from). 😉

__ My house is on the market so it’s already a time of making sure I have a home ready for potential buyers to walk through with a 30 min. notice. Um… actually, this is one of my superpowers. 😉

__ Family vacation! We’ll be going to the Carolina coast with my mom and no doubt there will be laughter, and eating, and more laughter!

__ Trip to Los Angeles – to get Jordan settled into his gap year that he says will be his gap life. I’ve chronicled Senior Year in the series 115 Wednesdays that, honestly, is only interesting if you have a child in high school.

__ For some reason, I’m actually on Instagram and would love to have you follow me there this summer! It’s a snarkier, more visual encouragement that I post when I actually need the saying I’m dishing out!! LOL!!! Find me here. 

All this to say that I’ll not be blogging this summer.

I know, I know. But here’s my sense of myself after 18 years of being a mom and achieving the holy grail of graduation (and not to mention the bumpy last few months of realizing this kid is NOT going to college).

I’m tapped out.

All edges of me are stretched.

I’m feeling the imminent undercurrent of life shifting beneath me… no more daily selfies with him, no more asking to do the dishes, no making dinners by 6:30…

I always thought I’d look forward to this next chapter and as I’ve been learning, it takes patience, compassion, grief, assessment of the past, and a little vision for the future. And I’d rather not lay all this out in the blogs for summer reading. 😉 I’ll journal, and take long walks, and dive into the dreams I’ve been cultivating which includes courses for every chapter of Momifesto.

J and I together will be shooting over 50 videos of instruction (because he’s a videographer). I tear up thinking about how far we’ve come and to end up with a library of mom help is beyond anything I thought would actually happen.

Truth is, if I keep going as I am, and try to keep blogging when my heart is not in it, I’ll be crabby. Or not original.

Or crabby. So, it’s better if I just give you the other ways you can stay in touch this summer! Besides, all those places are interactive – you can comment, like, and still find hope. (Facebook page here)

As I’m taking the space I need, I ask you to do the same.

Take your breaks. Find your zones of effortless and say no to some other things that you don’t want your summer to be about. We are all making memories and this season of fun passes by too quickly.

Guilt -free, with love, until August!