Michelle Childs is owner of Biz Mums.biz – a London based company that helps moms in business. As a mom of 3, she understands insanity while trying to do anything productive.

We had a chat about writing Momifesto- the process, self-publishing versus traditional publishing, and getting feedback through edits (aka – when enough is enough editing).

Part of what we discussed is the process of writing, where ideas come from and that one thing leads to another. For example, a few years ago, I was a speaker at Happy Mama Retreat   for moms with special needs kids. I gave a talk on self-care with ideas that ultimately ended up in the book because it received solid feedback.

As we write, we have to be open to feedback and listen to those around us with wise insights and good words.

I even talked a little about a project I’m working on about this past 1 1/2 years where I’ve chosen motherhood over dating. It’s all in the works!

Yes, I’m a bit awkward as always.

Yes, I turn down the possibility of working with a publisher for Momifesto because of the material I want for courses. Yes, I don’t have on the black turtleneck. Yes, Michelle has an accent. Or, I have the accent- depending your point of reference. 😉



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